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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does OpinionRouter work?
It's as simple as entering your PayPal email address, seeing which survey you might qualify for, and then completing it. You will receive payment by PayPal for the successfully completed survey within 72 hours.

Do I need to register?
No registration is required, but a valid PayPal email account in good standing is necessary for payment.

What is PayPal?
Please visit PAYPAL.com for more information on how this payment processing system works. You must have a valid PayPal account in good standing in order to participate in our program.

Is there a fee to participate in OpinionRouter?
No. It is 100% free.

Are there any fees associated with getting paid?
OpinionRouter does not charge any administrative or processing fees for sending your payment. PayPal may charge a fee if your account is a Business or Premier type; therefore, a Personal PayPal account is recommended.

When will I get paid?
You should receive payment within 72 hours of successfully completing the survey. If you do not receive payment by PayPal after 72 hours, please contact us. It is your responsibility to make sure that the email you provide us is an accurate PayPal email address in good standing.

How will you use my email address?
The PayPal email address that you provide will be used for payment and it will subscribe you to a daily survey opportunity newsletter, which you may unsubscribe from at any time. Your email will not be sold or shared with anyone nor will it be used for any other marketing purposes. See our privacy policy in detail here.

How many survey opportunities do you have? Will I qualify daily?
OpinionRouter works with multiple survey routers to provide as many surveys as possible each day. Participants are not guaranteed to qualify every day. Survey availability depends on various factors including your demographic profile, the time of day, and the number of surveys available in each router. If nothing is available for you, you may have better success trying again later in the day as new surveys are added often. Please note that we don't have a way to tell why you didn't qualify or what you need to do to qualify, as our surveys are provided by a third party.

How many surveys can I do in a day?
You may complete a maximum of three surveys daily, but they must be from different survey routers.

How much is each survey worth?
Surveys range from $0.50 to $1.00 each.

What countries can participate?
All countries are welcome to participate, but please note that some countries will have more surveys available than others.

Can I use multiple PayPal accounts to complete multiple surveys a day?
No, only one account is allowed per person, regardless of the number of PayPal accounts you have. Attempting to circumvent this rule will result in immediate and permanent account deletion and forfeiture of any earned rewards.

I spent significant time on a survey, answering many detailed questions about a product or service, and then got an error or was told that I didn't qualify. What should I do?
Please email us the error and a screenshot within 48 hours and we may be able to issue one courtesy manual credit. There will be absolutely no manual credit if this is not reported within 48 hours, with no exceptions.

I am doing surveys, getting a congratulations page, but not getting paid. Why, and what should I do?
Usually this happens if cookies are not cleared often, or 3rd party and session cookies on your browser are not set to be allowed, or you have some sort of a toolbar installed. We suggest using another browser or computer. If you see a survey not credit please stop doing surveys and email customer service. We will be happy to troubleshoot and may be able to offer a courtesy manual credit for one (1) survey total if, and only if, you report the missing credit within 48 hours.

For questions not answered here, please contact customer service at support@opinionrouter.com

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Disclaimer: You must fully qualify for the survey and complete it in full in order to be paid. There is no guarantee that you will qualify every day. You may continue to attempt to qualify until you get into a survey. You will receive your reward via Paypal within 72 hours of successfully completing a survey. OpinionRouter.com is a third party survey provider that does not control survey content and is not responsible for any technical problems once a survey is in progress. If you encounter crediting issues, do not take further surveys until troubleshooting: see the FAQ, then contact support@opinionrouter.com within 48 hours of the survey's completion. Manual credit may be awarded if a crediting issue is reported within 48 hours of completing the survey. You may do a maximum of 3 surveys a day if they are from different survey routers. Providing false information in the surveys, speeding, or attempting to defraud the advertisers in any other way, may result in immediate forfeiture of your earnings without pay. You must be 18+ to participate in our program. Please see terms for full details.

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